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Matthew, Aidan, Anthony, Matt, Liam, and Jack on the Seabase 2018 trip!
Matthew, Aidan, Anthony, Matt, Liam, and Jack on the Seabase 2018 trip!

Useful Information During COVID-19

During these uncertain times, Troop 274 is working its hardest to keep scouts engaged. We hold Zoom meetings every Wednesday beginning at 6.30 pm. We also are holding Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Reviews for scouts that will be needing them. Stay Safe!

Here are some things that are handy to know as a Boy Scout in Troop 274.

Where to Find Us Online

Snapchat: troop274 (For news)

Instagram: @bsatroop274 (For news)

Twitter: @BSATroop274 (For news)

Main Website: You are here (For info)

Council Page: Press this link (For overview)

How Prep for a Higher Rank With Us

Having our requirements here would double the size of this page (don't worry, they aren't too bad), so they get their own page here.

Merit Badges

Our troop offers multiple merit badges a year, but by far the best way to get badges you need is summer camp at June Norcross Webster Scout Reservation. It's often more fun there, too! Our troop offers most merit badge books to borrow before summer camp for free, in case you need them.


Our troop typically has fundraisers such as popcorn and Christmas tree selling to benefit troop activities and/or high adventure trips. If a Boy Scout is part of a fundraiser that contributes to a high adventure trip he's going on, his family gets a discount!


Our troop occasionally brings out spare Boy Scout clothes/equipment, if anyone needs it. Alternatively, you can visit a Scout shop.


Have it!